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A word from Our President

Maria Manna


I have been a professional vocalist for most of my life and was fortunate to live in a 2-income family.  There were times in my career when there were plenty of well-paying gigs and times when they were few and far between. During the lean seasons, I was grateful that I could rely on my husband’s income. However, throughout my career I observed that this was not the case for many other professional vocalists. 

This observation became the catalyst to why I have created the British Columbia Vocalist Society.

This organization is to help provide benefit support to vocalists who have made their living as professional singers but find themselves in situations where they are experiencing difficulties or hardship and their income is less. 

The BCVS is to benefit the health and welfare of professional singers by providing emergency assistance and other human services or resources to those in acute need. 

Another passion of mine is helping young underprivileged vocalist take their first step toward becoming professionals in the vocal arts.

Under the umbrella of the BCVS is another program called the British Columbia Vocalist Society Scholarship Program.

Lastly is the BCVS’s Vocal Workshop program. This program is designed with the singer in mind. We have a widespread of workshop presenters who are professional teachers and professional singers/musicians in the music industry. With their combined experience and expertise, the workshop program will support and educate vocalist to improve their craft and help them step farther into the industry, or whatever their next step might be. This program will also help to support some of the fundraising aspects for the BCVS

If you would like more information, please contact our office.

Maria Manna - President and Founder

Maria Manna

President and Founder